• Early Ethnobiology: Historical and Personal Notes

    Early Ethnobiology: Historical and Personal Notes E. N. Anderson University of California, Riverside Abstract To me, the critical moment in ethnobiology was the point at which anthropologists began to specify what words meant in traditional small-scale languages, instead of “translating” words by finding an English or Latin equivalent. Self-conscious use of “native categories” […]

  • China Food Updates

    Chinese Food Updates E. N. Anderson Plan Historic sections: History, then ecol and EB, then actual food, then poems and such. Modern: by province, then ethnic group; then country in that chapter Foreword Many years ago I wrote a book, The Food of China (1988), intended as a modest contribution to a cultural ecology of […]

  • Bibliography of E. N. Anderson

    BIBLIOGRAPHY E. N. ANDERSON Just about 8400 pages as of 2021 (after bk 32, article 51, chap 61).  Splitting the difference on coauthored books. PUBLISHED         Books and Monographs  1.  1970.  The Floating World of Castle Peak Bay.  Washington, DC:  American Anthropological Association, Anthropological Studies Series, Vol. 3, 274 pages.  2.  1972.  Essays on South […]

  • Cool quotations

    Cool stuff “Cool” is remarkably enduring as a word.  It comes from the West African concept, according to Robert Faris Thompson (Jessica Ogilvie, “You Know It,” LAT, Nov. 10, 2012, p.E7).  Chevere is South American Spanish for “cool.” Traveling light…. The train done gone and the Greyhound bus don’t run But walkin’ ain’t crowded and […]

  • The Wolf You Feed

    The Wolf You Feed E. N. Anderson ** Abstract             Studies of genocide find that once killing is started, almost everyone joins in.  People suddenly change from peace and order to violent murder, and often back to peace when the dictator falls.  This can be explained only by the existence of both potentialities […]

  • Northwest Coast: Traditional Indigenous Relationships with Plants and Animals

    Northwest Coast: Traditional Indigenous Relationships with Plants and Animals E. N. Anderson Draft of March 2019 This is a book in progress.  It is about half done.  What is needed is a search through old collections of “myths and texts” to find as much documentation as I can of traditional conservation and sustainability ideas.  I […]