• Developing Mexican Food: Globalization Early On

    Developing Mexican Food: Globalization Early On E. N. Anderson University of California, Riverside   Abstract Mexican food today is extremely diverse, and has a complicated background.  My view is that of a Mayanist who has worked in southeast Mexico and traveled widely in the country.  Already long before Columbus, Native American foodways were spreading widely; […]

  • Mayaland Cuisine: Campeche, Chiapas and Tabasco

    CAMPECHE   Recados, sauces, and minor snacks and market foods in Campeche are generally the same as in Yucatan, so refer to recipes in the previous chapter.     SEAFOOD   Black Rice Soup (a “dry soup”)   1/2 lb. rice 1 oz. lard or vegetable oil 2 garlic cloves 1 onion 2 quarts stock […]

  • Mayaland Cuisine: Yucatan

    MAYALAND CUISINE E. N. ANDERSON   Dedicated to Doña Elsi, Doña Zenaida, Doña Noemy Doña Aurora, Doña Elide and Don Felix, and all the other teachers     Table of Contents   Yucatan and Quintana Roo                               3   Campeche                                                       85   Chiapas                                                           97   Tabasco                                                           128       Preface This work consists of the […]

  • Water

      Water:  Sacred Trust or Resource to Waste   N. Anderson Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Riverside   “Bless the Lord…. He sendeth the springs into the valleys, which run among the hills. They give drink to every beast of the field:  the wild asses quench their thirst…. He watereth the hills […]

  • A Power of Good, Gone Bad

    A POWER OF GOOD, GONE BAD   Rough expressions carefully excluded by my modest wife from our book A POWER OF GOOD. TRIGGER WARNING:  NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE UNDER 18 OR EASILY OFFENDED BY OBSCENE MATERIAL!       Putdowns and general negatives   Full of beans.  (Usually, angry, as if from indigestion; also, full […]

  • Floating World Lost

      FLOATING WORLD LOST: A HONG KONG FISHING COMMUNITY   Eugene N. Anderson   Published by University Press of the South, New Orleans, LA, 2007 Copyright held by University Press of the South; any reproduction of this work, or part of it, requires their written permission.     For my children: Laura, Alan and Tamar, […]