• The Tropical Food Security Garden

    A little manual for tropical garden development that I wrote up a couple of years ago–I’m waiting for illustrations for it.  Meanwhile it might be useful to anyone interested in development.

  • Working with Local Knowledge: Environment and Anthropology

    This is my American Anthropological Association presentation for 2007. Working with Local Knowledge:  Bringing Environmentalism and Anthropology Together

  • The Two Wings of the Bird

    This is a presentation at the Society of Ethnobiology annual meeting, Berkeley, March 2007.  It argues for using “scientific” and “humanistic” methods of description and analysis together, as part of a single agenda.  The great anthropologists of the past did this.  The current “wars” between science and humanistic approaches are counterproductive.

  • Magic, Science and Religion

    ABSTRACT Malinowski’s classic attempt to separate magic, science, and religion has not worn well.  For some purposes, we now can find it very useful indeed, at least insofar as it separates pragmatic knowledge from unverifiable belief.  However, as Malinowski admitted, traditional societies often categorize knowledge is ways very different from this.  Knowledge of and ethics […]

  • Madagascar on My Mind

    An unpublished paper on current controversies over resource use by traditional and modern societies in Madagascar.  I report some findings of a field team doing research in summer 2004.  As often happens, we found that a middle position worked best.  But read the paper.

  • The Wodewose

    A paper on the myth of the “wild man” or “savage” in anthropology, with special reference to the work of Roger Bartra.THE WODEWOSE: NOTES ON ROGER BARTRA’S WILD MEN E. N. Anderson Dept. of Anthropology Univ. of California, Riverside, CA 92521 Sylvester Woodhouse San Onofre, CA SUMMARY  Roger Bartra, in his recent books Wild Men […]

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