• Science and Ethnoscience, part 2: European Biology as Ethnobiology

    SCIENCE AND ETHNOSCIENCE E. N. Anderson Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Riverside Part 2.  European Science as Ethnoscience:  Science in Europe before International Science Came Recently, historians of science have reacted against the old model of evaluating former beliefs in light of current knowledge.  This is surely the right thing to do.  However, it […]

  • Science and Ethnoscience, part 1: Science

    SCIENCE AND ETHNOSCIENCE E. N. Anderson Dept. of Anthropology University of California, Riverside Part 1.  Science and Ethnobiology Science and Knowledge The present paper questions the distinctions between “science,” “religion,” “traditional ecological knowledge,” and any other divisions of knowledge that may sometimes be barriers in the way of Truth. I will make this case via […]


    E. N. Anderson Dept. of Anthropology, University of California, Riverside   Preface   These papers began life as papers delivered at various learned venues since 2003.  They report some new field work, and a great deal of new thinking about older field work.  Since 1989, I have done research in and around Chunhuhub […]

  • Food and Development

    Food and development E. N. Anderson “The first law of economics is that for every economist there is an equal and opposite economist,… and the second law is that they are both invariably wrong.”  (Paul Sillitoe, 2010:xvii.)

  • Recipes Worth a Thousand Gold

    Recipes Worth a Thousand Gold:  The Food Sections   By   Sun Simiao   Translated by Sumei Yi, Dept. of History, University of Washington, Seattle, with notes summarized, from edition published in Peking, 1985; ed. E. N. Anderson     Introductory Notes by E. N. Anderson Sumei Yi, a graduate student in Chinese history at […]

  • Maya Ethnobotany: Four Studies

    Maya Ethnobotany:  Four Studies   E. N. Anderson   1.  Yucatan Maya Herbal Medicine:  Practice and Future                                      2 2.  Wild Plum Shoots and Jicama Roots:  Food Security in Quintana Roo Maya Life                                                                        12 3.  African Influences on Maya Foods                                                            21 4.  From Sacred […]

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