• The Historical Context of the Huihui Yaofang

    The Historical Context of the Huihui Yaofang, a Yuan Medical Encyclopedia     “A table without vegetables is like an old man devoid of wisdom.” –Medieval Arab proverb, quoted Ahsan 1979:13   Some general reflections Medical practice is part of culture, and thus influenced by all the factors that influence culture.  Everyone knows this now, […]

  • Origins of Chinese Food

    Talk, Confucius Institute, University of California, Davis, May 22, 2014   Origins of Chinese Food:  Neolithic Innovations and Early Dynasties   E. N. Anderson Dept. of Anthropology University of California, Riverside   Abstract   Chinese food today is the product of thousands of years of development, involving, among other things, borrowing hundreds of crops from […]

  • World Food Security in the 21st Century

    Talk, South Puget Sound Community College, April 28, 2014     World Food Security in the 21st Century   E. N. Anderson Dept. of Anthropology University of California, Riverside, CA 92507     The Problem “DAVOS, 24 January 2014 – Up to 849 million hectares of natural land – nearly the size of Brazil […]

  • Saving American Education in the 21st Century: Administrators

    Administrators   E. N. Anderson Professor Emeritus, Anthropology University of California, Riverside               In 47 years at UC Riverside, I have seen administrators come and go, and have learned a little about the world of higher-level university administration.  My own administrative duties have been low-level, but ongoing and educative.             Administrators tend to be […]

  • Some controversies about agriculture and change in late Imperial China

    Some Controversies about Agriculture and Change in Late Imperial China   E. N. Anderson   WARNING:  Preliminary draft, not all checked out thoroughly.  I’m confident enough of it to allow quotation with proper citation, but be warned.  I would deeply appreciate corrections, commentary, and discussion!   Population Growth The great drama of late imperial China […]

  • Anthropology was Not All White Males: Early Ethnographies by Women and Persons of Color

      The Antilist Fifty early anthropological works by women and Indigenous, minority, and other non-white-male anthropologists compiled by E. N. Anderson   The purpose of this list is to make it clear that early anthropology was absolutely not a white male preserve or an enterprise confined to some sort of colonial elite.  It was very […]

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