• Gao Lian and Ming Dynasty Nutraceuticals

        Essays on Drinks and Delicacies for Medicinal Eating Yin Zhuan Fu Shi Jian 飲饌服食箋   By Gao Lian (Ming Dynasty)   Chinese edition edited by T’ao Wentai   Translated by Sumei Yi, 2008-9   English version edited by E. N. Anderson   ROUGH DRAFT; HELP SORELY NEEDED WITH THIS.  We have taken major pains […]

  • Yuan Mei and His Suiyuan Shidian Food Book

    Suiyuan Shidan:   The Garden of Accord Food Book   Yuan Mei   Translated by Beilei Pu Edited by E. N. Anderson And Jerry Schmidt (intro only, so far)   Riverside, CA Version of June 2015     Introductory Note   Yuan Mei (1716-1797) was known as a champion of women’s education, a versatile and […]

  • Sycamore Canyon Natural History

    Sycamore Canyon Natural History   A Report to the Riverside Municipal Museum   N. Anderson   Acknowledgements All gratitude above all to Oscar Clarke and Andrew Sanders for teaching me local botany and identifying particular plants. Also to Jack Bryant, Michael Fugate, John Green, Tanya Huff and others for help and advice.   Sycamore Canyon […]

  • Hatred and the Environment

    Hatred and the Environment: The 21st Century’s Defining Political Issue E. N. Anderson     “Fascism includes supremacy of the military, the need for perpetual war and a disdain for pacifism, a  merging of corporate and state power, dismantling the unions, indirect control of the media, national security and patriotism as a motivational tool […]

  • Power and Politics

    POWER AND POLITICS: Weberian Musings E.  N. Anderson Dept. of Anthropology University of California, Riverside   “There are two wolves within you, a good one that causes you to help others and do well, and a bad one that causes you to be savage and hurtful.  The one that wins out is the […]

  • The Environment and China’s Future

    The Environment and China’s Future N. Anderson Dept. of Anthropology University of California, Riverside     ROUGH DRAFT; comments and corrections urgently desired!   This paper is a very modest effort at bringing together quotes and facts from leading scientists on the environmental problems of modern China.  Interpretation and commentary is kept to a minimum, […]

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